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Biocam300 Face IP Camera
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Biocam300 Face IP Camera

BioCam300 is one of the most revolutionary cameras on the market today, as it includes an integrated facial recognition module and a color display especially designed for T&A and access control.

Biocam300 is an embedded facial recognition high definition IP camera. With 4pcs of array IR LEDs, it can utilize day & night real-time monitoring. With ZK embedded high integrated facial recognition module and relatively long distance face recognition algorithm, it can support 2.5m to 4m range facial recognition suitable for different users’ heights. BioCam300, remote control included, has a high definition full color display screen to show face registering information, face recognition result and real-time monitoring video. The operation is very simple and the interface is user friendly.
With dual CPU framework, the camera can accomplish standalone registration, recognition, and high-speed data transmission storage. It can support 400 face registrations and recognition while simultaneously monitoring . Biocam300 is a three-in-one solution including video surveillance, time & attendance, and single channel access control management. It can be applied in many high security areas such as:  customs, airports, buildings, banks, supermarkets, hotels, casinos, VIP clubs, turn styles, parking lots etc.

  • High resolution, up to 1 megapixel for network camera
  • Dual H.264 Streams
  • Supports WDR function
  • Maximum standalone capacity of 400 users and 100,000 logs
  • 7 inch LCD for message and menu display
  • Remote control for easy operation
  • Built- in array IR LED light for night vision
  • Local face detection, capture, registration, & recognition
  • Relay output designed for direct electric lock control
  • Supports T&A and A&C function
  • Supports data upload and download


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