Darba laika uzskaites Kontrolieris MIFARE, 7” skārienjūtīgais displejs, Android

  • Darba laika uzskaites Kontrolieris MIFARE, 7” skārienjūtīgais displejs, Android
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Flexible Data Collection terminal with Android Operating System

Biopad is ZKTeco’s new multi-functional data collection terminal, with Android 4.1 platform, integrated fingerprint sensor or RFID module.
With an elegant, ergonomic design, a 7” touch screen display, and added features such as Wi-Fi, TCP/IP, USB and internal battery, it offers a variety of identification and information management solutions.
Available with a complete middleware solution, this terminal not only focuses on time management, but due to its Android Operating System, Biopad can help you develop infinite types of applications in a comfortable and intuitive way, with the possibility to develop different solutions for a wide range of sectors in the vertical market.
Thanks to its flexible technology, using ZKProto SDK, ZKProto Server, or EDK/ZDK, Biopad can be applied to three main business model solutions:
System Integration: Allowing integrators to connect Biopad with third party applications and software solutions.
Platform Development: Providing developers with all tools necessary for developing applications to upload onto the Biopad, and correlate with software and server synchronisation application, to create their own unique in-house solution.
System Installation: Biopad offers installers an easy network solution setup - a desktop or wall mounted terminal with ZKTeco’s own Time Management application (PC-based or Cloud), with all relevant communications and synchronisation options.
  • Workforce Management and attendance events
  • Themes customization
  • Data synchronization through ZKProto Middleware
  • Calendars and schedules management
  • ZDK Development environment for Android developers
  • Third party software integration through SDK


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